Bespoke fabric.

One of the wonderful things about handweaving is being able to design and weave a piece of fabric from a single thread. 

I provide a bespoke fabric service, working with you to create something special for your home. A handwoven lampshade can add that pop of colour or texture you are looking for to complete a room.

Below I have shown a few bespoke lampshades I have completed and the part of the process I go through to create exactly what you are looking for. 

I can work with you on a particular colourway  or I can simply create a design of mine you like in a different size or shape.

I'm happy to create one off pieces and multiple.

Please do just get in touch to discuss your preference.

Bespoke fabrics I am currently working on..

Beautiful fresh Fauna, Buttermilk and Winter white

Washed and ironed. Two fabrics, the dark charcoal mixed with med grey and Calypso green.

Working on card windings to post to a client, mix of four colours to make a warm fabric. Burnt orange, willow, Oakleaf and Sunrise.

Fabric for Bespoke Coolie lampshades. 

Taking inspiration from my hoister collection, using warm Autumnal colours I have mixed the yarns to create a blended tone throughout the fabric.

Above is four samples using four colours from the warp through the weft.

We chose 'Sunrise' for the weft

Below is the final outcome

Bespoke fabric for two medium drum shape lampshades.

This fabric began by taking inspiration from my 'Dawn' Collection. Blended narrow herringbone stripes.

Wanting to incorporate a strong orange tone but keep it subtle and have the soft Nougat as the main colour I blended and wove with nougat so it is the main tone throughout.

The final outcome

Two Drum shape Lampshades

30cm Diameter

20cm Height

This commission started off with this selection of colour from my samples.


From here I developed a structure of pattern by creating card windings, adapting them each time until the client and myself are happy to move forward. 

Once the warp colours are all set up on the loom it is time to weave. 


This part can change the look of the fabric so much, the weft colour is very important at this stage.


I tend to sample a few colours.

Initially we was going with Nougat, but I also tried Red Clover.


We both felt Red Clover was more striking, bringing the warm yellow tones out which the client has in her curtains.

Weaving the fabric, this particular piece was a meter wide by four 4 meters long. 

The Final outcome.

Two large Coolie and one small Coolie Lampshades

Bespoke Lampshade for the kitchen.

I visited the clients home with various sizes of lampshades and swatches of colour.


We was able to work out the correct size for the room and colours, picking out and highlighting the beautiful painted cupboard colours.


This is a large 60cm diameter lampshade, 30cm in height

We used a white inner with a diffuser in the base

The first image you see here is a Lampshade from the 'Berry Collection'

A customer saw this design and wanted to change the colours up a little.

We added a colour and changed the order. 


The Second image is the piece of cloth once it has come off the loom, these are the six final colours side by side, ready to be made into two different Lampshades.

The last two pictures are the final outcomes.

For this bespoke piece the customer had a clear idea of how she wanted her lampshades to look.


We was able to decide the warp colours fairly quickly (these are the three colours going horizontal around the Lampshade) taking parts from a piece I have already woven but adding an extra colour. 

Once we decided on this I was able to set the loom up and start sampling the weft colour (the colour that is woven through the cloth) I sampled five colours before we found the right tone.