Each bespoke piece is handmade in my cosy garden studio, based in The Forest of Dean, from the initial design idea to the finished product.

I source high quality traceable yarn, weaving all of my fabrics on my floor loom I am able to control the quantity I make, therefore creating less waste.

Using my AVL mechanical Dobby loom, my collection of fabrics is always evolving as I become inspired by something new, I enjoy the process as much as creating the finished piece.All the processes you see on my 'gallery' section are stages I go through to design and create my bespoke products.

Often I will design with the yarns, having a colourway in mind, I will then begin to wrap yarns side by side to decide the design.

Once this stage is done I wind the warp on a warping frame and transfer it to the loom. This is then wound on and threaded through single heddles to create the pattern and then threaded through the reed to create the density of the cloth. Then it is time to weave.

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